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We tried to put down a wide choice of finished, original creations of flowers and plants, both indoor and outdoor . With a focus on freshness, quality and sustainability. Trust us; there is something for everyone.

celebrations, events and occasions

For both happy and sad moments, flowers and plants can never be inappropriate. Often the color can add an extra dimension to the occasion. You will receive the necessary guidance in this.

We have a digital book with a wide choice of mourning arrangements.

advice for home, garden, office or a promotional gift.

Flower subscriptions: Ever heard of a flower subscription? A flower subscription is not only convenient in the office or store, but also the ideal birthday or wedding gift. With the subscription, the lucky ones can enjoy a beautiful bouquet delivered to their home every week or month.


Every working day possible between 10am and 6pm.

The delivery price is calculated according to the number of kilometers.

Delivery from a purchase amount of 30 euros.

Within a radius of 20 km.

If you want a delivery (bouquet, plant / pot) that falls outside our region, we will pass it on to a fellow florist.