daily fresh cut flowers

Are you looking for a ready-made bouquet, wild or compact, classic or modern, large or small? Or do you prefer to compose something yourself? Here you will always find what you are looking for.
Flowers are very suitable for giving away as: a business gift, a pick-me-up, an expression of feelings (love, compassion, gratitude). But also to brighten up your home or to reward yourself after that big clean....

artificial plants and flowers

Be sure to come and have a look in our department of artificial flowers and plants. You will be amazed to learn that they are not real. If the houseplant breaks down because it's too dark or cold, we recommend art. Usually we are cynical about it until we see it, so just wait.


Blik in't Groen specializes in houseplants and always has unique specimens. A wide range in species and size. You can definitely talk to someone for advice. We never order plants from wholesalers but always select them selectively so that the shape is beautiful and the quality is guaranteed.
Many plants so also many pots. In all styles, something for everyone.
TIP; your plant looks better in a larger pot.


We make it a quest. We are always looking for something different. We often travel many miles for that little extra.
The sensitivity with which Blik in't Groen is decorated creates an experience that is unique. The store is repeatedly transformed into a seasonal theme. It provides tips that you can work with at home. Our staff and ourselves are always ready to help you find your way.